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Effective methods of information broadcast
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Augmented reality

Augmented reality - a combination of one field of real images and virtual information to improve the perception of information. The other names augmented reality "increased", "improved", "extended", "enriched

Exhibitions and ForumsInteractive technologies - the ideal tool for a sound demonstration of the key benefits of your company.

You will be able to abandon mediocre boring presentations and provide any information in an interactive engaging format with the help of stunning video installations, projections and user-friendly controlled augmented reality.

Interactive virtual model of a Residential Complex "Faces"
Mobile augmented reality for skyscraper project "OKO"
Dominion Tower: AR application for business center upon the project of Saha Hadid

MuseumsPlayDisplay unique projects create a magic atmosphere of full involvement and engaging interaction with every single exposure.

Advanced interactive technologies attract a class of novel, seasoned audience, increasing worldwide media interest and providing considerable flexibility in quick updating of expositions.

Interactive Installation for the Center of Contemporary Culture "Garage"
EVA SPACE ART: digital mobile art project on contemporary painting
Project of Kazakhstan's Science and Technology Virtual Museum for Kazakhstan Railways

Advertising and BTLThe main effect, which you get - active interaction between the audience and your brand, and on top of it you collect accurate statistics on your promotion campaigns.

Individual work with your consumers and significant increase in your brand loyalty become much easier with the help of outstanding interactive showcases and computer helpers with a special system of recognition of movements, gestures and objects.

Videodiploma "Novaya Elektronika" 2011
ColorPlay - revival of ideas
Workshop of virtual experiments for the center "Garage"

PresentationsLarge-scale interactive PlayDisplay videowalls allow you to address the audience of big halls and introduce complex infographics in a convenient way.

Multytouch tables and booths with mobile devices provide internsive interaction with the targeted audience; PlayDisplay videopolygraphy with inserted hyperfine touchscreens turns a tedious handout into remarkable and engaging gifts.

Interactive Installation of a unique hydraulic press at manufactory's launch "SPECTYAZHMASH"
Interactive installation for holding "Airports of Regions"
Interactive Annual Report for State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom"
Augmented Reality

Effective unique presentations of information, using a combination of real space and "live" virtual objects, impress any audience. Augmented Reality is the whole new word in education, advertising, media and entertainment. It must be the first thing in your to-see-list!

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Amazing brochures, business cards and postcards with ultrathin touchscreens. Your company becomes hot news of the day, the reputation of your brand improves and you are associated with advanced technologies.

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Virtual reality

Do not make your partners and customers look at dull advertising screens. Showcases, stands, exhibits and outdoor ads with PlayDisplay will catch all eyes of your audience. You will get smiles and moves as an interactive positive response!

Virtual reality
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Interactive installations


Three-dimensional projection transforms any object, and we, in our turn, can add new colors to the model of a car or even make new forms of the whole building. Note that you will not need any glasses or any other additional devices to enjoy!

3d mapping, videomapping show

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Clients' testimonials
Your technology is very much in demand in the business world, in a variety of industries
Perhaps, that’s the most creative card I’ve ever seen in my entire life
With your magic videobooklets our flights definitely has become even more unforgettable! Top class!
I absolutely admire this stunning PlayDisplay photowall for AUDI A3 Sportback presentation. Thanks a lot for bright ideas and high-quality work. Good job!
We are grateful to PlayDisplay. This is our first project on the basis of augmented reality. We find it highly promising and prospective as it delivers our projects to the audience in a more dynamic, bright, beautiful and interesting way!
Interactive wall is one of the most marvellous inventions that I´ve ever seen! I´d like to thank PlayDisplay for their fearless lust for experiments and innovation!
Photowall — perfect for any fashion or other large-scale events. The wall appeals to many sophisticated audiences. It instantly translates photos directly from press-wall on social networks and the organizers and marketers only benefit from this. We are very grateful for the opportunity to use such innovations of PlayDisplay in marketing!
Want to express our sincere thanks to PlayDisplay for truly incomparable experience: superb anniversary “miracle-invitations”.
We express our sincere gratitude that you’ve found an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with our participants and audience (including virtual audience, which, incidentally, consists of more than 40 thousand visitors). We really appreciate your time, energy and effort you’ve devoted to support rASiA.com Forum 2013!

Our customers

Augmented Reality - is currently used, for example, during TV broadcasts of sports matches, showing the line directions of moving objects (ball or player). Augmented reality has the following characteristics: the combination of real and virtual information, in real time, in 3d space