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Do not make your partners and customers look at dull advertising screens. Showcases, stands, exhibits and outdoor ads with PlayDisplay will catch all eyes of your audience. You will get smiles and moves as an interactive positive response!

Virtual reality

PlayDisplay offers solutions based on the Microsoft Kinect motion sensors and Leap Motion. With the use of innovative cameras and scene depth sensors we allow the audience to interact with the characters of promotional stands and interactive installations through body movements.

PlayDisplay projects based on Kinect and Leap Motion put interaction with the audience to a new level: as soon as one person turns interested and fascinated by the process, mass audience pops up next to the scene. It is clear and proved by statistics that such presentations evoke emotions through interactive displays not only of user, but also of people around him. Computer characters often used in the projects on the basis of controlled gesture systems can save on support staff - automatic smart, accurate and also requires almost no maintenance.

There is another positive argument lying in automation: projects with gesture control are easily scalable and able to reflect all new ideas with the ability to quickly upgrade the hardware and software.

Thereby, PlayDisplay stands ensure effective communication with people you need, with ease of maintenance and infrastructure development.