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Three-dimensional projection transforms any object, and we, in our turn, can add new colors to the model of a car or even make new forms of the whole building. Note that you will not need any glasses or any other additional devices to enjoy!

3d mapping, videomapping show

Video mapping is a three-dimensional projection on physical objects in accordance with their form and position in space. Thanks to computer graphics, any object can turn from a pen to a skyscraper, can adopt a new, more interesting and dynamic look.

Special computer technologies allow to create a 3D-model of an object, which is planned for the projection, and then modify it in accordance with the approved script. Then a “corrected” 3D- image is projected onto a real object that gives the illusion of change. Video mapping has gained the most popularity in marketing and cultural institutions such as museums and art galleries that use projects based on it for events decorating facades of buildings with stunning animated images. Of course, in such scenarios, its use is not restricted. With this technology you can create interactive tutorials, lead products presentations, create optical illusions and re-display usual things.

Video mapping is used both outdoors and indoors. For completeness of the transmission of visual effects any special equipment is not required, in order to enhance the effect it is possible to use a professionally matched track list.

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Video mapping, mapping show