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Virtual AR guide of house and apartments for "KR Properties"

Virtual AR guide of house and apartments for "KR Properties"

We also know how difficult it is to sell something. Especially when it comes to real estate. Cardboard models are impressive, but hardly convenient to take them with you to show to the client. Drawings and schemes put people into a dead end. A man makes a choice with his eyes and his heart – which is a common thing to everybody in contrast to engineering education. To get acquainted with the project of a new home by KR Properties has become much easier thanks to PlayDisplay and augmented reality technology.

For users of iOS there is an available application, containing a detailed three-dimensional model of 6- storey building with an attic. On the table of perspective property customers of KR Properties appears house - a ready-made one, as in illustrations on the website of the developer. It will be visible on the screen of the tablet. Picture reacts to every move you make: in order to look at the building from different angles, you need to move the device to another point. Tablet becomes a window to the world, in which the house is built and inhabited.

In addition to the exploration of the building and grounds, the PlayDisplay application gives you an opportunity to look under the roof and to assess the convenient layout of the house. One click - and the floor plan becomes visible. For the complete dive, we stocked a layout with spherical panoramas made ​​inside and outside of the building. To look around is possible by simply rotating the plate on its axis. The virtual guide to apartments and window views is at your disposal.