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3D models of planets and pyramids in AR

Project: Interactive installation in augmented reality with models of the Solar system planets and Egyptian pyramids

Client: Moscow City Central Children Library named after Gaidar, 2011

Objective: To represent in a 3D, easy-to understand form Solar system planets and Egyptian pyramids for children education purposes and show them capabilities of new technologies.

Process: A case in which augmented reality technology was used for educational purposes. Children could explore pyramids structure or planets, rotate and see them from different angles. To initiate the multimedia scenarios visitors placed marker cards with the object images to a camera. They were read by the software and related 3D model appeared on the screen. In addition we also developed an acquired knowledge assesment system that helped teachers to evaluate knowledge level of each student.

Outcome: The installation was not only very popular amongst school children and library visitors - it also served as a proof of the efficiency of the augmented reality knowledge into learning process. The knowledge evaluation algorythms that were developed within the scope of the project were later implemented in other educational multimedia installations and distant learning assistance systems.

Implementation period: 1.5 months