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Interactive model of the Kremlin in AR

Project: Interactive model of the Kremlin in AR

Client: Moscow City Central Children Library named after Gaidar, 2011

Objective: Represent the Kremlin complex as an interactive 3D model with detailed visualization and description of its main landmark attractions.

Process: Due to the technological limitations at the time of the project a custom developed solution was used: cards with the pictures of the objects served as markers. To initiate 3D visualization scenarios visitors brought cards to a webcam and they were recognized by the software. The program allowed visitors not only to view objects but also to compare them on a scale and take apart. In addition, a special gift set was made for individual use which visitors could take with them home.

Outcome: One of the first projects using the augmented reality technology in Russia. The demonstration was a huge success and received lots of mass media coverage. The client later on proceeded with a request for developing an educational system with augmented reality which was succesfully completed.

Implementation period: 3 weeks