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Interactive booth for presentation of "Airports of Regions"

Interactive booth for presentation of "Airports of Regions"

Company PlayDisplay presented and embodied a new marketing strategy of the largest Russian airport holding "Airports regions". Tools: creativity and technology of impressions (augmented reality) Purpose: To promote and popularize the largest Russian airport holding Dates: 1.5 months

Result: A unique presentation platform for customers and partners of the holding New discovered possibilities for informing passengers about infrastructure of the airports New advertising channel Improved communication and feedback from passengers Increased investment attractiveness of the holding "Airports regions" Increased and constantly increasing number of references in the media Facilitated demonstration of new capabilities of the airport Additional opportunity to attract sponsors Collection of statistics needed for the development Atmosphere "everything for people" or "we have already provided it"

Now each passenger at the airports in Samara, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Saratov may explore in details a "live" 3D model hub, in which he is located. To dive into the wonderful world of new positive impressions of augmented reality, you just have to download the application on your mobile device with Android and iOS and hover it over the picture!

Microdetails and macrodetails! Narrow detalization of all the basic infrastructure facilities, terminals, runways, airplanes, buses, car maintenance, interior rooms, VIP- halls, aeroexpress surrounding space - lets you immerse yourself in the world of three-dimensional and moving objects and explore the airport from different angles . Due to the possibility to disassemble the airport and look at the main parts and the internal elements of the interior, the process is turned into an exciting game – Lego. It is hard to imagine any more interesting and productive form of advertising like a game.

The project was presented in August in Ekaterinburg at the exhibition space "Ekaterinburg EXPO»

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To be continued ... The next stage of the project will be an interactive flight control.