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Interactive installation for holding "Airports of Regions"

Interactive installation for holding "Airports of Regions"

In December 2013 PlayDisplay presented a unique interactive installation of augmented reality demonstrating the infrastructure of seven regional airports of this country to the visitors of VII International Forum "Transport of Russia". Computer animation and physical control booth allowed guests to watch the process of remodeling and its expected result.

A specially designed mobile app expands installation. Thank to it, layouts of airports come alive not only on the large seamless video wall, but also on mobile devices. The achieved goal was spectacular, data-intensive demonstration of activities of the largest airport holding of Russia with its development, successes and achievements.

This is the second major project in the framework of cooperation between the holding and PlayDisplay, which was a continuation of the 3D- visualization project of three airports for the exhibition "Innoprom 2013". Installation was endorsed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich and the Governor of the Primorsky Region Vladimir Miklushevsky and other notable visitors.

The installation consists of : - Round table with a diameter of 2 meters; - Electronic control panel with buttons and rotary disk; - Marker of augmented reality in the form of the geographic map of Russia printed on the table top; - Camera on a tripod; - Computer with Windows OS - Seamless video wall - Acoustic system with a subwoofer integrated into the bottom of the table;

Electro-mechanical table with remote control – cutting-edge invention under copyright of PlayDisplay - gives visitors the opportunity to explore presented airports, examining them from any angle. Use of a single stand for demonstration of several terminals made ​​saved enormous quantity of space at exhibitions. Application of augmented reality in contrast to the classical models, allows the use of a simultaneous installation in different parts of the world, providing a quick and simple refinement, transportation and storage.