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Legendary game “Nu, pogodi! The wolf catches the eggs” in AR

Project: Cult “Nu, pogodi! The wolf catches the eggs” game re-make in augmented reality

Description: With the help of a simple technical set-up we made possible for everyone to play cult Soviet handheld videogame of the 80s with use of the augmented reality. The working principle is simple: a Kinect camera reads off the user's movements , which are displayed on the screen.

You can buy it or rent with all necessary equipment and technical support. On your request your logo or imagery can be placed in a virtual gamespace.

Process: A custom software was written for the game. A Kinect controller can be connected to a screen of any size and type (LED, plasma panel), so everyone can play the favorite  game and have a lot of fun.

The game was one of the first experiments that implemented augmented reality at the time of the project (2012).

Outcome: Dozens of corporative parties and events held, thousands of smiles and happy faces… and counting!

Implementation period: 3 weeks