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Interactive mirror for Snickers

Interactive mirror for Snickers

To create a brand promotions of Snickers bars (company MARS & Co) PlayDisplay used three pillars of interactive communication: augmented reality, kinect sensor and an interactive screen.

Screen, designed as an interactive mirror "music box" attracted the attention of customers of MEGA (a shopping mall). Hardly had anyone come to the screen, a big red squirrel appeared on it repeating all movements of all visitors dancing to the music of. The feature of Snickers squirrel was to dance trying to reach and grasp a virtual chocolate bar, which appeared in different parts of the screen.

Most active simulators of the squirrel got immediately encouraged with real prizes and chocolates.

Installation PlayDisplay caused a sensation attracting many hundreds of persons wishing to have fun and just "take a look" – what indescribably pleased the advertising company.

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