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Magic Cup — interactive  AR present from PlayDisplay

Magic Cup — interactive AR present from PlayDisplay

Magic Cup — is a mug, a gadget and a souvenir. You can use it to congratulate and amaze a person on the holiday. Magic Cup it is a set of the free AR mobile app with the augmented reality MagicUp. In the app a user can record video greetings with bright special effects and wishes. When the recipient of the gift brings the mobile device on the Magic Cup, he sees a recorded greeting and impressive animation. Magic Cup is positioned as an original gift for loved ones, colleagues and business partners.

How to charge?
Download the app, point your device on the Magic Cup. Record a 15-second personal video greeting that will appear in the "crystal" ball. Coming up with the words-wishes that accompany festive animation and select effect. Present your Magic Cup to your special person.

How to see?
The gift’s recipient downloads the app, pours a drink and moves the device on Magic Cup. The “Magic” starts!
Over the Magic Cup appears colorful animation with the topic selected, created in augmented reality and speech - wishes: good, happiness, joy, success. prosperity, love or original that you’ve chosen previously. Touching words-whishes on the screen by the finger one put them into the Magic Cup, charging the drink with positive wishes . The process is accompanied by the pleasant sounds, preparing the recipient for the moment of the personal video greeting ball appearance.

Volume - 450 ml
Height - 153 mm,
Width with handle - 120 mm,
Top dia - 85mm,
Lower end diameter - 63 mm.

Magic Cup is convenient to carry, it fits perfectly the interior of home or office. Besides, It’s completely appropriate for the Cup holder in a car. The case is made of the high quality stainless steel and covered with a special polymer, pleasant to touch. Thanks to the double-layer bottom and a tight lid, Magic Cup can be used for brewing tea - the drink in her loveliness increases within a few hours.
Magic Cup is coated with the original PlayDisplay’s patterns. They are the markers of the augmented reality. Using special algorithm, the application processes the pattern and animated effects appear on the screen of the mobile device.
In addition to the message recorded by the giver, the application has the option to record a video-greeting of his own with different effects unlimited number of times.

Whom to present?
Anyone who has a smartphone or tablet!
Friends, colleagues, business partners, clients, loved ones, parents and to close people.

Share your Magic Cup!
The application’s interface is provided with the "record" button to share a greeting in social networks, or upload them to Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #magicup.

Magic Cup - is a project of Playdisplay.
We specialize in the augmented reality technologies and develop solutions for business and projects in the educational field. The experience of working with B2B projects inspired us to create Magic Cup. It is not just an ordinary B2C product for us. In Magic Cup we combined our philosophy and technology to ensure that everyone can share emotions with friends.

For more detailed information on the product price and terms of purchase, send us a request to our postal address: info@playdisplay.ru info@playdisplay.ru