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Interactive pavilion ARdisplay

Are you already tired of awfully stereotyped and boring stands that you see at numerous exhibitions and corporate events? Do you want to stand out among your competitors who use banal tables with pamphlets and business cards? Or may be you would like to entertain guests of your event with something special, something they will be telling everyone about the next six months? Then, our interactive stand AR display is exactly what you need!!

What? Aren’t our word of honour and phrase “exactly what you need” enough for you and you still want to find out what sort of thing AR display is? Ok! Make yourself comfortable and get ready to be surprised at the marvels of modern technologies of augmented reality – oh, yes, the one that drove the world crazy with Pokemon GO!

AAR display is a “smart” stand that scans real pictures, coloured by hand, and turns them into virtual images that literally come to life on screen as if being next to you.

Here is a real example of how it works: during Asian Airshow 2016, held in Changi airport, in Singapore, in February this year visitors got a chance to create a livery design for an airplane body. Anyone could take a sheet of paper with an airplane outline and colour it as interestingly and unusually as they could imagine. After that the picture was placed on the surface of the table of the interactive stand. There it was scanned and transferred onto the body of the virtual airplane, which in an instant was magically appearing as an element of augmented reality right on the table in front of the viewers.

Can you imagine how much more interactive and visually compelling it is comparing to boring pictures from catalogues? Besides, augmented reality is very fun (and cool)! During five days of the exhibition the visitors sent 6328 personally designed aircrafts into the air. People were waiting in line for the interactive stand for fifteen minutes, and average time duration of a session made up five minutes. Even Minister of Transport of Singapore Khaw Boon Wan yielded to temptation to try this unique technology!

Asian Airshow 2016 is just one example among many others. What the interactive stand AR display will scan, how it will process received pictures and what it will turn them into in the end, depends only on your imagination!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to boast innovative technologies AR display at the next exhibition! Your competitors are already knocking on our doors, and if they manage to get interactive stands before you, your table with printed promo materials will look very dull!