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TV Cannel Russia Today about PlayDisplay.

10/07/2014 Company news

Co-founder of creative studio PlayDisplay, Andrew Sudarikov tells the program “Technology Update” on the Russia Today TV channel about the augmented reality industry and the company's plans for the future.

Combining the experience in the field of e-Commerce and financial resources with the skills in graphic design, Alexander Simakov and Andrew Sudarikov created a company Play Display. The studio deals with the interactive tools in presenting information, as well as with the relevant augmented reality technology - combining the real world with virtual objects..

The potential of the augmented reality technologies are limited only by creativity of the developers. Experts believe that by 2016 augmented reality will be everywhere. And by 2021 the practical usage of this technology will reach the zone of maturity with almost 100% penetration. In a nutshell , we stand on the threshold of a new era.

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