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PlayDisplay created a marvelous interactive presentation of the business-center Dominion Tower.

03/10/2014 Company news

Creative Studio PlayDisplay produced a multifunctional Presentation of the office building Dominion Tower, built by the famous British women-architect of Arab origin Zaha Hadid, the only woman who received Picteresque prize. Video booklets not only show the video that demonstrates to 3D graphics entire object from inside and outside.
Inside the booklet is a AR marker. Hovering over it a tablet with application potential customer sees animated appearance of the object. The latest functional development of PlayDisplay allows to change the angle, size, height of a building survey. Its colour changes depending on the angle from white to blue, like a chameleon.

Responsibilities: developed technology that allows a user application to create the marker from any surface that makes possible a presentation at any place at any time . You can switch to markerless mode and see the building from all sides, twisting it by touching a tablet screen by finger. Can be spread out on the floor, considering the three-dimensional layout and two-dimensional - in close perspective. You can get general information about the object Dominion Tower and the developer, the location of the developers office, the building location on the map and promo video.

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