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PlayDisplay has created a unique interactive map for the Museum GARAGE.

10/05/2014 Company news

Creative team PlayDisplay successfully implemented the project of an interactive map of the exhibition space Garage-2014. The purpose was to describe more than 60 art events which were held within the radius of one kilometre for the period of 20 years. All the events are gathered on one interactive map, and can be controlled simultaneously by four visitors.

Every visitor can travel , flicking through the personal gallery of archival photos. Once the traveller choose one of the photos, he or she meets with an interactive description of the corresponding event. Text, photo and video projected onto a map in front of the visitor, convenient for exploring the place. Audio track recorded 15 years ago on the spot immerses the viewer in the atmosphere of what was happening.

According to the chief curator Alexandra Obukhova, the installation has successfully completed a difficult task: it is interesting and clearly presents complex historical information.

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