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PlayDisplay: Rosatom annual report with AR.

01/07/2014 Company news

The State Corporation “Rosatom” presented the first annual report using the technology of the augmented reality. This solution successfully implemented a creative Studio PlayDisplay.

The report looks like an interactive map of a few nuclear power plants and the marker is the famous logo “Rosatom”. Pointing a device of the augmented reality to the “Rosatom’s” logo, the visualisation of the NPP with the exact detailing of the space and objects unfolds in front of the audience.

PlayDisplay’s brand style is famous for it’s quality of the projects, so the presentation is full of “atmospheric” elements, such as the smoke of a pipe, a very realistic texture and lighting of the space. You can zoom this map, rotate 360 degrees, as well as to switch between the active elements and information areas for more detailed information on each of the objects.

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