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Interactive model of the airport of Saratov was presented on IIF-2014 Sochi.

09/13/2014 Company news

Sochi September 19-24, 2014. At the International Investment forum was presented an interactive model of the airport in Saratov. There was demonstrated a clear layout of the terminal with the adjacent territory, runway and airport infrastructure. The active objects allowed to run interactive scenarios, showing the terminal in all its glory. The project was realised to show the modernity and innovativeness of the airport in Saratov to the officials, investors and statesmen.

There was used 3-dimensional tracking in order to work with three-dimensional layout of the model. A wireless remote control for iPad was used, sound solution was implemented as an acoustic setting that is seamlessly integrated into the table. The installation was designed for a group attendance. there was a permanent reporter, managing the installation using the remote control. All the visitors studied the layout, looked at the screen, received additional information and saw accompanying effects.

According to the results of the exhibition all the intergovernmental and interregional and investment agreements planned have been signed. Installation was visited by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mr. Medvedev D. A., who praised the achievements of the holding AR. In this project, we have implemented three-dimensional tracking, which allows to integrate augmented reality is not on a flat marker and the full three-dimensional layout. Essentially made interesting entertainment solution three-dimensional model based on the physical layout.

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