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270 unique aircrafts were taken off at the exhibition World Routes-2014 (Chicago).

02/09/2015 Company news

During three days from 20 to 23 of September, at the 20th Forum of Development of Transport and Communications World Routes, (Chicago, USA) was introduced interactive AR desk holding "Airports of Regions".

The interactive studio PlayDisplay has developed and visualised a unique technology that allows to each of the visitors to create and run their own virtual plane in the real space of the forum’s pavilion. To do this: a person takes a piece of paper and colour-markers, then he or she colorises the contour image of an airplane, puts the paper in an marked area on the table, where the usual pattern effectively transforms into a three-dimensional plane.
The plane begins to move, accelerates and takes off the table. Each of the new aircrafts continues to fly in the air space of the pavilion with the previously launched aircrafts of the others.

Air service development is one of the priorities of the AR holding. Therefore, for "Airports of Regions” participation in the World Routes forum using such an exclusive presentation with AR gave an excellent opportunity to expand its route network assets and to attract new clients.

For the visitors there were created conditions under which, they could escape from day-to day routine and to sink themselves into the childhood. In this situation, the visitors relaxed, opened up and became more inclined to communication.

This project has successfully coped with the task of attracting and holding attention of the customers via their involvement into the creative process.

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