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The founders of PlayDisplay gave an interview to the on-line magazine Expert.

05/15/2013 Company news

The founders of PlayDisplay gave an interview to the on-line magazine Expert.

The founders of the company PlayDisplay Alexander Simakov и Andrew Sudarikov told the magazine Expert, about the AR market prospects . The main theme of the interview is the development of the visual communication market.

Alexander Simakov shares with the reader the experience of creating start-up business, investment and profits, labor costs and speed of the investments turnover. “Initially the company was engaged in advertising booklets with built-in screens. And then began working with the augmented reality on the basis of the Kinect sensor for the manufacture of promotional products. Placing a QR code on the picture in the magazine, saves the advertiser tools due to its small size, besides allows one to instantly make contact with the client. Using the smartphone, the reader can go directly to the advertiser's site and buy the goods.” - told Alexander.

"We can demonstrate maps, architecture, technological solutions. Can show the objects that teach children. For example, the pyramid of Cheops on the usual picture in the usual textbook - you can disassemble it, you can peek inside. Or, for example, to take a textbook on astronomy for normal picture you can see the movement of the planets. All this natural and three-dimensional, everything is clear. And the feeling that you are holding these virtual objects, even though they weren't there," says Andrew Sudarikov.
Among the customers of the company are advertising agencies and major brands: Gazprom, Bridgestone, Ministry of agriculture, Snickers, Coca-Cola, Renault, rostec, CCA "Garage".

At the moment the market of the augmented reality in the way of its development. Product development of this technology still is not cheap, mainly large corporations can afford it. The price depends on what one wants to see, will there be animation, what mechanisms will be connected. The concept development, design, programming and assembly of the products the company PlayDisplay makes on its own.

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