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Welcome to PlayDisplay!

Our name is a combination of two simple words - "play" and "display". The main skill of team PlayDisplay – to demonstrate information about advantages of brands in a spectacular, vivid and clear way of interaction.

PD — структура компании
PD Production
Заказная разработка интерактивных проектов Музеи / реклама / выставки
PD Product
Розничные интерактивные развлекательные продукты; B2B завершенные продукты.
Лаборатория технологических решений - голограммы, алгоритмы, модули проектов, аппаратные разработки.
Инкубатор интерактивных стартапов, поиск команд, проектов, идей, финансирование, вывод на рынок.

Mission of PlayDisplay – amaze, inspire and impress!

More than for ten years we have been developing products that become central objects of exhibitions, conferences, forums and meetings. Hundreds of interactive projects with PlayDisplay technologies for large businesses and world brands (Coca-Cola, Benetton, Renault, Snickers, Starbucks, Intel), government agencies, construction and industrial corporations confirm the expert status in branding, interactive and printing design, three-dimensional graphics and videopolygraphy.

Using our experience to promote technology and education of a new generation of specialists, we carry our own presentations and lectures at the British School of Design, the IKRA and the center Digital October. Official partnerships with multinational corporation Samsung, the biggest chip maker Qualcomm and the leader in the production of video glasses and wearable computers Vuzix allow us to develop unique solutions based on their advanced equipment.

Our presentations and installations are so exciting as the most addictive games.

Blurring the line between fiction and reality, we are able to work with children and play with adults, increasing brand loyalty. We turn complicated and incomprehensible into affordable and amusing, arousing emotions in the most demanding and even indifferent audience. Projects PlayDisplay remain in memory forever!

Press about PlayDisplay

Company Reviews

Your technology is very much in demand in the business world, in a variety of industries
Perhaps, that’s the most creative card I’ve ever seen in my entire life
With your magic videobooklets our flights definitely has become even more unforgettable! Top class!
I absolutely admire this stunning PlayDisplay photowall for AUDI A3 Sportback presentation. Thanks a lot for bright ideas and high-quality work. Good job!
We are grateful to PlayDisplay. This is our first project on the basis of augmented reality. We find it highly promising and prospective as it delivers our projects to the audience in a more dynamic, bright, beautiful and interesting way!
Interactive wall is one of the most marvellous inventions that I´ve ever seen! I´d like to thank PlayDisplay for their fearless lust for experiments and innovation!
Photowall — perfect for any fashion or other large-scale events. The wall appeals to many sophisticated audiences. It instantly translates photos directly from press-wall on social networks and the organizers and marketers only benefit from this. We are very grateful for the opportunity to use such innovations of PlayDisplay in marketing!
Want to express our sincere thanks to PlayDisplay for truly incomparable experience: superb anniversary “miracle-invitations”.
We express our sincere gratitude that you’ve found an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with our participants and audience (including virtual audience, which, incidentally, consists of more than 40 thousand visitors). We really appreciate your time, energy and effort you’ve devoted to support rASiA.com Forum 2013!